Thursday, March 18, 2010

snoop booty n gwop

would be dope if snoop knew how hard he went on the gully..
that kush smoke reminds me of a quick story; basicaly i was with young babygwa the other night, n her booty is so goddamn right its ignorant, so where at one of my local dog spots, i fuck with mad hotdog joints no homo, n i start talkin ganj with the dude that owns it, next thing i kno he closes the joint down n smokes us up this fat over a gram blunt! the gutch was only matched by the best shit ive seen in my life, looked a bit like that shit but less purple n more keef, posible more dense i duno. back to the booty, im pretty sure she doesnt check the p.o.d. section so ill try to acquire a pic, now this is risky cuz if she sees this ill never get on my pic game, but im down for the cause


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