Saturday, March 6, 2010


not to be 'cool guy' or to talk tough on the web, but this is the glorious night i swashbuckled 2 muffin soft chumps at the same time, drunk as a bitch, belee it or not, my 1st drunk fight. big vic was passed out on the stairs, me bein the ultramega friend that i am, i sat about 20 ft away, ever vigilante, i watched cuz i knew some BROS would come buy, see the skinnny jeans n shoe lace belt, sure enough they start pickin on my passed out homie, so i iced em both up nasty, HIGHLIGHT: dude #1 is down for the count, whatever, i look over, dude # 2 has vic in a headlock on the ground, vics still asleep, so i grab a huge handful of dudes hair, n jus uppercut the livin shit out of his fave like twice then give a nasty streight, in the jaw, u kno that soft feelin? like you hit somethin not that bony? in conclusion, cops came and a bunch of ppl got arrested for underage drinkin, so basically ima peice of shit, SO FUCKIN WHAT?! J E talked the most shit ive ever heard to a cop, n the gully got off scott free


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