Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Picture Unrelated

I dont know what the fuck this is or means but I digs it...
100 - ShabSench

Friday, March 26, 2010


This night was wild... I met up with the B.S.Deech crew in the city when they was on that midwest tour a while back... Bucky Lasek was present all night. But anyway, Angie Marino hooked me with some pics from the night and this gem was in there... I'm not sure where this was took but I know it was late, and that fiddler was getting DOWN. Chicago goes hard, but not as hard as the Gully crew... Yardigs?!!?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Richard "KUSH" Griffith

Todays P.O.D. is an album cover of "Kush" Griffith.

Dude smashes some blues and has a badass nick name.

I dug it.

-T Loof

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's weezy muthafuckaz...

I dont know any gully significance of this POD besides the fact its Weezy F. Dude looks like he all up in a Century Mark2 or something, haha... Wayne look str8 delirious in this pic, and I digs it like a trench...

Completely unrelated, here's a quick Chip line of the day from the track "Cigarillo"

"Lil C got the sweets, he gonna roll up da shit,
and if he too high, dat nigga swiss rollin da shit.
I send my hoe to the store and she know what to get,
and if she forget, I tell the bitch JUST GET ME A CIGARILLA!"

Shit had me rollin... Get with it.
100 - Shabberocity Village

Thursday, March 18, 2010

snoop booty n gwop

would be dope if snoop knew how hard he went on the gully..
that kush smoke reminds me of a quick story; basicaly i was with young babygwa the other night, n her booty is so goddamn right its ignorant, so where at one of my local dog spots, i fuck with mad hotdog joints no homo, n i start talkin ganj with the dude that owns it, next thing i kno he closes the joint down n smokes us up this fat over a gram blunt! the gutch was only matched by the best shit ive seen in my life, looked a bit like that shit but less purple n more keef, posible more dense i duno. back to the booty, im pretty sure she doesnt check the p.o.d. section so ill try to acquire a pic, now this is risky cuz if she sees this ill never get on my pic game, but im down for the cause


Presidential shit...

I was chuckle cheezin after I seen that. Got George Bush himself rollin presidential, hoppin out the plane, and droppin a Dook nasty. Dude looks straight faded, you knowz he was prolly blowin some Alabama Kush in flight... Shabbeready.
Here's another gem.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Matt B.

You don't gotta look too hard to point out my man Matt Balsley. He is one of the gully's biggest supporters and we digs him like a trench... He sent me this pic and told me it was POD worthy and I had to agree, I was cheezin when I seen it. I went to school with all those kids so it made it that more funny but you have to appreciate a gutchy nasty face and some gully rep... One hunnid Mr. Balsley, keep it gully son! --- Jdub

Bucky in the building

The Gully Factory now offers Bucky Lasek Eye Surgery

-T poof

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have no idea where this is but it looks dope... When you look at the full size, there is so much crazy shit tagged on them walls. Dig it.
100 - Mr.100

Saturday, March 6, 2010



The P.O.D. page getting updated like a mug. Here are two goodies...

Family one with little dude leaning on other dudes NUTS!

And family two....

I don't even know what to sayze.

Where ever these poeple are in the world right now I gaurentee their more then likely all kickin it together still. And dude in the corona shirt is now married to his graduating sister.


-Teezy F Baby


not to be 'cool guy' or to talk tough on the web, but this is the glorious night i swashbuckled 2 muffin soft chumps at the same time, drunk as a bitch, belee it or not, my 1st drunk fight. big vic was passed out on the stairs, me bein the ultramega friend that i am, i sat about 20 ft away, ever vigilante, i watched cuz i knew some BROS would come buy, see the skinnny jeans n shoe lace belt, sure enough they start pickin on my passed out homie, so i iced em both up nasty, HIGHLIGHT: dude #1 is down for the count, whatever, i look over, dude # 2 has vic in a headlock on the ground, vics still asleep, so i grab a huge handful of dudes hair, n jus uppercut the livin shit out of his fave like twice then give a nasty streight, in the jaw, u kno that soft feelin? like you hit somethin not that bony? in conclusion, cops came and a bunch of ppl got arrested for underage drinkin, so basically ima peice of shit, SO FUCKIN WHAT?! J E talked the most shit ive ever heard to a cop, n the gully got off scott free



From the same night as the previous P.O.D.

Got kicked out from this spot as well. But Markese and JE don't give a fuck and charged this gap anyway while two office bored dudes stand there on the phone with the cops. And you know me and Wescott both got the clouse while talkin shit to these goomba heads. So you'll be seeing it in motion soon enough. Holler atcha gwalla... Markese is sick!

Photo: Dook Wallace

Post by: Teezy F Mutha Fuckin BABY


Security Guards

Sometimes when you tryin to clop colossal clouse on them streets, you run into some security guard problems with the quicks... The 12:35 crew was riding some high school the other day and of course got the boot. The problem with security these days is they basically gettin paid to stand around and do jack shit so when any situation pops off, no matter what, they try and stir some drama just to make their fucking nothing of a night be more entertaining. However, the crew wasnt havin it... This mexican bitch working security at this school comes out and tries to get all our plate numbers before we leave... So while we was loading the bikes covering the back plate, Tony was backing her down covering the front plate. I open the camera bag with the quickness and pull out a stack of Osiris stickers, and we cover up the plate numbers. We hopped in and backed out of the lot so she couldnt get the rear plate numbers either, then we sparked up... Shabbeready knowche.
The best part about the situation, was Mar-gwarchy straight mackin on this 40+ year old security guard while she was tryin to do something. "This situation would be way worse if you weren't so mildly sexy" -- Markese... This summer is finna get Bucky Lasek.
100 --- JW