Monday, March 22, 2010

It's weezy muthafuckaz...

I dont know any gully significance of this POD besides the fact its Weezy F. Dude looks like he all up in a Century Mark2 or something, haha... Wayne look str8 delirious in this pic, and I digs it like a trench...

Completely unrelated, here's a quick Chip line of the day from the track "Cigarillo"

"Lil C got the sweets, he gonna roll up da shit,
and if he too high, dat nigga swiss rollin da shit.
I send my hoe to the store and she know what to get,
and if she forget, I tell the bitch JUST GET ME A CIGARILLA!"

Shit had me rollin... Get with it.
100 - Shabberocity Village

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