Friday, January 29, 2010


This POD comes from one of the OG midwest bmx riders, Taras Hryvnyak. We were BIG chillzin at his old crib last year and clopped a few photos. A little photoshop later, there you go... Shabber Sench.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh My Gutchy

Now thats a gutchy ass alligator.
Shabber Central

Friday, January 22, 2010

dub gwoppers

crunch made this sequence of me dramatically hittin my face, shit sucked had my sinus's all fucked up for like a week hahaha good shit. YEESSSSHHH i bite hookers

this is a pic crunch took on his phone, its a midget bouncer from the strip club we went to last friday, blackjacks, which is why we missed the circus contest.. who the fuck starts a sat contest at 10am? 2$ spectate? da fuck?!


Goin Hard...

This POD comes from a few months back when I busted my face up. Goin hard for BMX shawrdigs me?
100 - Mr. 100

Thursday, January 21, 2010


So yea errtime I start something, I end up slacking... POD is no different. So today, instead of 1 pic, ima throw up 3... These pics were taken this week by the Dook at circus. The first two are some quality nasty mugs from 2 uh the gulliest. The other happened when me and Dook was tryin to shoot some shit on that wedge/ramp... My hand didnt come off so its whatever, but margwarchy was hoppin the barrier in the back hella drunk and somehow the pic got both of us peaked... Fux wit it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Two P.o.D's for ya today.

We got Drew York popping off some street gnarly with myself underneath catching the gwarchyness.

Digs it like some trails.

-T Loof

Friday, January 15, 2010


Drew York just sent me this. Figured I'd share with you.

-T Loof


This dude is not fuckin around.

Must be smoking sweep stakes out that bitch.

and here's alittle drawing I did last night. Sailor Jerry gets you Drunk. And thats why I like it.

-T Loof

What else?!

'she suck dick like a vaccum suck dirt, i call her my quicker picker upper
cause she quick to pick the nut up quicker than a nigga tell her pick the nut up ya dig? BITCH!!' -- juelz santana

Thursday, January 14, 2010

POD - 4

This POD comes from one of the G-Fact fans in Rockford, IL. John Perry put his artistic talents to use and incorporated some gully shit... Digs it... --- Mr. 100

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

POD - 3

Snoop D O Double is one of the most gulltra motherfuckers on the face of the eerrph... I seen this shit with a bunch of other Snoop photos and this one was by far the most gullified. I love how dude stays gully sportin the 213 gear while pullin a perfect Heisman. Oh and you know Snoop stays hella gutched, ALL the time. Doggy Dogg got game, beliee dat neeeeaaaahh!

1st time i ever kicked someone in the face...

this is jus a party snap after the fact, me n j.e. are obviously unharmed, do to the fact that we get down promptly and thouroughly. wescott n malouch came thru to get buck, so were at the local 4-t liqour store (shout out to dre villa!!) and in standard hanover park procedure, some big mexican is talkin shit. Now dont get me wrong, he was big, but dressed like a pollak clubhead, so respect was not an option. i think the beef started over malouch hollerin at dudes sister. so basically i jumped out movin whip (i see you dom) n ran up n he tries pushin my head down so i juke n come up with the risin right hook n almost simultaniously BINO comes thru with a charging ram punch of some sort n knocks the fool down. so i start kickin this guy in the face, hard (my last run in with the hanover police resulted in my truck bein impounded n me gettin robbed/my ass kicked by the cop, so i wanted to promptly end the dispute) so anyways, im gettin my david beckham on n his sister starts hittin/pullin my hair so j.e. drops to one knee n starts drillin this fool n we dipped. i kno its not right to jump someone but u have to understand, in h.p. the cops are reckless and you never know how many mexicans your gona have to deal with. long story short, dont fuck with the gully crew in person

note: T kay-slayed those glass shelves by the end of the night, sorry suzi..

POD - 1

Markese is my boy... However, I never really asked his about the story behind this photo... But I would say that shit is gully for a number of reasons. One being that dude is in a dress shirt and tie with a Chicago Blackhawks fitted on leanin hard to the left. Another would be that he was prolly mad pissy drunk and felt it was more comfy to blerch lying in a empty tub rather than stand. I don't know if that is true but if you know dude, you know it's prolly not too far from the troof. Either way, the shit is superultramegafuckinGULLY!

Hope ya'll enjoy the new GullyPOD blog.

100 --- Mr. 100