Saturday, March 6, 2010

Security Guards

Sometimes when you tryin to clop colossal clouse on them streets, you run into some security guard problems with the quicks... The 12:35 crew was riding some high school the other day and of course got the boot. The problem with security these days is they basically gettin paid to stand around and do jack shit so when any situation pops off, no matter what, they try and stir some drama just to make their fucking nothing of a night be more entertaining. However, the crew wasnt havin it... This mexican bitch working security at this school comes out and tries to get all our plate numbers before we leave... So while we was loading the bikes covering the back plate, Tony was backing her down covering the front plate. I open the camera bag with the quickness and pull out a stack of Osiris stickers, and we cover up the plate numbers. We hopped in and backed out of the lot so she couldnt get the rear plate numbers either, then we sparked up... Shabbeready knowche.
The best part about the situation, was Mar-gwarchy straight mackin on this 40+ year old security guard while she was tryin to do something. "This situation would be way worse if you weren't so mildly sexy" -- Markese... This summer is finna get Bucky Lasek.
100 --- JW

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